Careful cleaning and maintenance

Isn't it still dirty and in bad condition with second-hand goods? The point.

At Retrend, we value the fact that "it can be used comfortably as soon as it arrives" , and we are keeping the following points in mind.

・We use a special mini vacuum cleaner to remove dust from bags, and tweezers to remove dust from wallets.

・We polish the leather one by one with a special solvent to keep the leather moisturized and shiny, and make the metal fittings shiny before shipping.

・In addition, where and what kind of damage is in the product condition, even small scratches are posted as much as possible.

Since it is an online shop, it is not possible to meet face-to-face with customers.

Because it is a branded product, it is not a cheap purchase even though it is a second-hand product.

We can't have a large amount of products, but we put our soul and life into each one so that you can feel happy with your purchase.