Beware of fake sites

Beware of malicious and fake sites ! !

This time, we have discovered that there is a site that reprints Retrend's products without permission.

If you access such a site, it is highly likely that your device will be infected with a virus or your personal information will be misused, so please do not proceed with the purchase procedure.

Retrend will be sold only on the following sites.

[Retrend official website]

[Retrend Mercari store]

[Retrend Rakuma store]

[Retrend PayPay Flea Market]

[Retrend Yahoo! Store]

◎Features of Fake Sites◎

◎Most of the sites are Chinese, and there is a sense of incompatibility with kanji.

◎ The price is significantly discounted from the official website.

◎We do not use the company name of another company without permission, and do not argue with each other at different addresses.

◎ Security software detects and blocks viruses when accessing.

◎Because a large number of products are reprinted without permission not only from this shop, but also from e-commerce malls, flea market sites, etc., there is no uniformity in product images.

* Currently, most of the sites listed above cannot be accessed, but there are still some sites that remain.

We are not affiliated with any of the above sites, so please do not enter any personal information.