The reason why campaigns and used ties are popular

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Of course, all brands are covered!

If it's the cheapest Hermès or Chanel, it will be free.

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This is an example of the screen when you put 3 in the basket.

・3480 yen

・2980 yen

・2980 yen

The cheapest item is 0 yen.

In this case, even if the second and third are the same price, one of them will be free!

There are many reasons why brand ties are recommended.

Let's take a look at them one by one!

① Anyway, cost performance is good.

A single high-brand necktie costs around 10,000 to 40,000 yen. If this is a used item, even a beautiful item will be within 2000 yen to 10,000 yen.

Of course, if it's a popular item or a rare pattern, it can exceed 10,000 yen, but if you exclude Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, etc., it's within the range of 2,000 to 4,000 yen.

By the way, if you buy a new necktie from a suit store, it costs around 1000 to 4000 yen, so you can get a beautiful brand necktie at the same price!

A week's worth of ties for 10,000 to 20,000 yen

It is also possible to make all branded products!

② You can wear it without hesitation

A necktie is an item that wears out relatively quickly.

I sweat and get tired.

And above all, I'm afraid of food stains!

It is a common case that it scatters as soon as it is freshly dropped. .

It's not impossible to remove stains, but some dry cleaners say it's difficult because the patterned fabrics will fade.

A necktie that costs tens of thousands of dollars at a fixed price.

It's too scary to wear this.

But with a USED necktie, that feeling is alleviated!

If you use the campaign, one bottle is free, so the damage is reduced even more! !

It also leads to self-confidence

A necktie that stands out even in old clothes and suits.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the heart in a suit.

It is such a tie, but if you wear a good one

Would you like to be positive and rip with nature?

In fact, the necktie is the person with whom you are negotiating

I see a lot of women as well as men.

Fashionable and characteristic items are topics of conversation

It often happens ♪

Branded products have an impact not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

As a result, work and interaction with people may go well!


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