Recruitment information (at-home part-time job)

Recruitment information

[Industry] EC site cleaning of second-hand brand products
[Salary] Hourly wage 1100 yen (1080 yen during the training period)
【Working hours】

・Monday to Friday: 1 to 7 hours between 10:00 to 19:00

・ Within 1 to 3 days a week

[Salary model]

・ Salary model

2 days a week , 7 hours per day

→ Hourly wage 1,100 yen x 7 hours x 2 days a week = 15,400 yen

15,400 yen x 4 weeks = 61,600 yen per month

【Work location】

· training period

Several times, the office is a 5 -minute walk from Funabori Station, or

We rented a conference room at the Funabori Community Hall to conduct training.


・After the training period

You can work from home or wherever you like.

[Specific work content]

We handle used brand bags, wallets and belts.

Specific work flow (after training)

  • Please come to the office, which is about a 6 -minute walk from Funabori Station, to pick up the inventory.

At this time, we will give you the amount for one week .


  • I will start working at home.


→ We will polish the leather products and remove fine dust.


2. Repair

→ We perform simple repairs such as scratches on the corners of wallets and bags.

(We will ask you to do this work after you get used to it to some extent.)


3. Measurement

→ Measure the size of the product and fill in the form.


Example) For cleaning and measurement only

10 to 15 minutes per item x 4 to 6 items


For cleaning, repair and wallet

10 to 20 minutes per item x 3 to 4 items


  • When you have finished your work for the week , please bring your inventory to the office at Funabori Station.

We will also exchange and give it to you next week's product.

【Working hours】

1 to 3 days a week

2 to 7 hours of work per day

We will make a decision after consultation.

[Scheduled number of recruits] 1 person
【Welfare】 ・There is a company sales system
[Flow up to adoption]
  • After applying, adjust the schedule and interview at the office or rental space
  • Recruitment results will be notified in approximately one week
  • Start work when you want
【appeal point】

・It is a subsidy certified business operator of Tokyo.

We were certified as a subsidized business by the business examination of the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Foundation.


・ Flexible working style is possible!

→ Since I work from home, I am free to work at any time!

It is also recommended for those who are busy with housework and do not have enough time, those who have children, and those who want to avoid risks during the epidemic of infectious diseases.

We give out work in units of one week, but it is possible to skip it if it is difficult because there are many schedules for this week in the month.


・ It is possible to contribute to environmental issues and SDGs !

→ Contribute to responsibility to make and use by cleaning and maintenance.

We will revive the product and connect it to the next person!


・ Acquire cleaning and repair skills!

→ You can use the skills you learn at work for your own bag!

We are looking forward to your application!